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"Don't Get Blindsided by
Impending Energy Rate Increases"

The Choice is Yours!
The process of deregulating energy in Pennsylvania reached a milestone on January 1, 2011 when the cap on energy prices expires and rates begin to increase. Experts estimate that the average industrial energy consumer faces increases of between 10% to 30% beginning in 2011.

If your organization is unprepared you could get blindsided by an unexpected hike in your gas and electric bills. Fortunately, we can help you avoid unpleasant surprises and keep your costs down.

We Can Help ... At No Cost to You
Freyvogel Technologies will put our resources to work helping you obtain the best value for your energy dollar. We provide energy management and consulting services for all your needs … whether for natural gas, electricity or alternative green energy.
Once we find the best available rates we'll help you lock them in right away to avoid the upcoming rate increase.

Best of all for you, our commission is paid by the utility we mutually select. You have no out-of-pocket-costs for our services. Only registered agents are eligible to receive such commissions, so you can count on us to locate the best energy rates available to you.


To learn more about the upcoming rate increase and energy choices CLICK HERE


Why call Freyvogel Technologies for your
energy supply needs?

Because we offer:

  • A review your current utility usage

  • Energy pricing options
    Energy reduction strategies

  • Comparison of available energy supply rates

  • A customized energy estimate for your needs


Is your state
energy deregulated?

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Freyvogel Technologies can help you navigate the complex, ever-changing world of telecommunications. New technologies, regulatory changes and evolving business conditions make it difficult to be certain you have the best cost-efficiencies for your telecommunications dollar.

Let us put our 35 years of experience in the telecommunications industry to work for you expanding your capabilities while we lower your costs. Our consultants are skilled at helping you improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of all your telecom needs, whether voice, data or wireless. In addition we are skilled at helping clients to identify strategies that better leverage today's telecom services for improved business productivity and corporate control.

All organizations, from small businesses to large enterprises can benefit from an independent review to get the most out of their telecom assets.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you
make the most of your telecomunication resources.


Why call Freyvogel Technologies for
your telecom needs?
Because we offer:

  • Telecom auditing so you pay the best prices for
    the services you need

  • Contract negotiation to help you leverage your telecom dollars

  • Expense management to improve cost control, expense reporting and allocation

  • Network integration to ensure efficient use of your resources

  • Evaluation of new technology to help you plan for the future




Your organization's precious assets and invaluable intellectual property are too valuable to trust to a simple set of door locks. Most offices are vulnerable to thieves, who are targeting small businesses in ever increasing numbers. However, analyzing your organization's vulnerabilities and choosing the right security system can prove bewildering. Our trained, experienced security consultants can survey your place of business, assess needs and recommend the most cost-effective security system available. With the large array of options available -- including webcams, cameras, monitors, sensors, surveillance, alarms, locks and more – you can count on our experience to help you make the right choices. In addition we can supervise installation to make sure that all systems are functional and there are no "holes" in your security measures.

Contact us today to help you select the best security options for your needs.




Why call Freyvogel Technologies for your
security system needs? Because we offer:

  • In-depth assessment of your security risks

  • Analysis of the costs-benefits to various security options

  • Recommendations on the best options to meet your budget and needs

  • Supervision of installation procedures to assure compliance with goals


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