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Intertech Security helps safeguard people, property and assets. We deliver customized security solutions that integrate disparate systems to streamline management and increase capabilities. We help clients improve operational efficiency, lower costs and reduce risk with a comprehensive approach that addresses security, technology and business operations.

Intertech Security is an innovative security integration company that helps safeguard people, property and assets, allowing our clients to improve operational productivity and performance.

We design, install and maintain customized security systems that integrate physical security devices, electronic technology, and information (IT) systems with operational systems such as building automation and human resources. This convergent approach streamlines management and increases capabilities.

As an independent systems integrator, and a proud member of Security Net, we remain vendor-neutral and clearly focused on providing the right solution for each client, whether they need a complete turnkey solution, technical services or consulting services.

Intertech Security understands the unique challenges that each organization faces when safeguarding its people, property and assets. Whether you're concerned with controlling crowds, reducing theft, preventing violence, eliminating vandalism, tracking vehicles, protecting patient privacy, integrating with HR, reducing insurance costs, all of the above or more, Intertech Security can design, install and service a customized solution that delivers improved operational productivity and performance.

We provide customized solutions for corporate, educational, healthcare, government and residential facilities. And while all vertical markets and customers have unique needs, we offer key benefits in all of our solutions:

• Open-architecture based IT standards

• Backwards compatibility with legacy systems

• The ability to manage multiple security functions from a central command station




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